In May 2012, I went, with my two best friends, for a road trip in West American: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas has been of our destinations. It was the most amazing trips of all my life … so far!

My trip

In Los Angeles, I’ve eat the best burger of my life, I’ve walk on Holywood boulevard, I bathed in Malibu, I saw Johnny Deep, Quentin Tarentino and Whoopi Goldberg lookalikes star!

On the road, I saw full of starbuck and Mc donald’s, I drove an automatic car, I saw the longest road in the world and magnifiiques landscapes, I had a fine of 248$ for speeding. I did the Grand Canyon by helicopter and boat I had cold Bryce Canyon, I met  Indian People at Monument Valley.

In San Francisco I saw full of shops, gorgeous parks, pubs and great bars, a lot of bums, I saw Alcatraz Island from the Golden Gate Bridge.

At Las Vegas I saw… What happens in Vegas stay in vegas!

In 2015 it will be Miami and the East Coast: On the road again baby!!!

  • Date: mai, 2012
  • Services: Watercolor Drawing