In August 2011, I went to Singapore one month, and in May 2013 two months. Singapore and me it’s a great love story!

My trip

I saw the beautiful view from the  Marina Bay Sand Hotel, I ‘ve eat thousands popiahs and full of Noddle, I drank the famous Singapore Sling, I ‘ve walk on China Town streets, Arab Street. I saw beautiful temples in little India. I drank a glass at Club Street.

I was axphyxie by the haze and the smell of durian. I discovered the most secure countries are, I met Spanish, French, Israelis, Americans, Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese, Indians and a few Singaporeans and all this people live together in total harmoonie, quell their religion or opinion. I visit the most incoroyable zoo I’ve ever seen: the monkeys are at liberty, one of them even steal my pencil!

Singapore, a surprising and amazing place that it fed with all the people who made ​​and enrichment it.

  • Date: juillet, 2013
  • Services: Watercolor Drawing