Sources Interieur

Sources Interieur research and distribut finished textile products for the home of the biggest brands for young designers unearthed. Master word « excellence » requirement in the choice of materials (the most authentic possible) and in accordance with the rules of the optimum for achieving them.

The Project

The graphic sign is inspired by the shape of a rose.
It is a sign inked in history, it has different symbolic representations and different cultures, but still conveys notions of harmony, information, natural and sizes. Designed for inside source as the emblem, with a slightly worn look, the rose logo allows to capture the symbolic and thus communicate an elegant sign, precious, elegant and timeless.
The colors bring a report of contemporary and natural. Typography is cut, highlighted, and so valued. This lavish him a delicate and precise appearance.

  • Client: This project was realized within the agency Pixel Cookers
  • Date: juillet, 2013
  • Services: Branding, Print Design, Webdesign
  • URL:

I will not hesitate to call again to Hanna and his bright ideas. I appreciated his professionalism, sense of graphic design as well as listening and patience saw my requirement. The result: a success story from our logo to search for the implementation of the site, I have nothing but compliments!

Linda Cottier, Sources Interieur Founder