Decimath & Decicub

DECIMATH is a young company that offers different products to awaken the younger mathematics. Manufacturer and distributor of its educational products, DECIMATH seeks to reconcile the game and learning.

The Project

The aim was to build the graphic identity of the company. The promise is to learn math in fun and play intelligently. Perform a visual identity for parents and teachers, but that we understand that the products are intended for children.

The logos should be dynamic, professional, human, intelligent, scientific and simple.

  • Client: This project was realized within the agency Pixel Cookers
  • Date: juillet, 2013
  • Services: Print Design, Web Design, Branding
  • URL:

Among the team of Pixel-Cookers, hanna which was seized as soon as the subtlety of our business for the staging and images. And it was not easy! Logos, Business Cards, Stationery, Educational Booklet, especially the website each time, it was not one, but five or six proposals that emerged from his mind. In short, the intelligent sensitivity was due to the obstacles and that is why I am pleased to recommend to the partners of World's End and I wish all good to have him in their team.

Alain JULIEN SAINT AMAND, Decimath founder