L’ACCET Val d’Oise

The ACCET, was created by the General Council and the Economic Expansion of the Val d’Oise Committee to support entrepreneurship in the department. They facilitate the establishment and growth of businesses.

The Project

My bias is to capture the pop art and graphic codes to enhance the image of the ACCET Val d’Oise and represent his energy, modernity and human sensibility that reflects its business.

The rich colors, high contrast, intensity and forms of artistic and visual freedom are elements that reflect the rich, sparkling and effervescent personality nurseries that make up the Val d’Oise ACCET Technopolis.

  • Client: This project was realized within the agency Pixel Cookers
  • Date: mars, 2013
  • Services: Web Design

Logic will get you from A to Z. Imagination will get you everywhere.

Albert Einstein