Established in 1995, the EURINNOV group supports innovative companies in defining their strategy and funding of their R & D, and at all stages of their development.

The Project

EURINNOV strong expertise in the field of research tax credit, wants to build the graphic identity of their product CIR SOFT. This is an online tool that automates the Board on CIR. It facilitates access to finance R & D to SMEs.

TARGET : Professionals & SMEs

STYLE : Serious, Professional, Premium, Human

1 / The sign consists of a square, induced stability, strength and confidence. Its rounded finish breaks the austerity of the square to produce a reassuring report. This merger reflects the support and professionalism.
2 / In this square, fits an arrow symbolizing research and development.
3 / Finally, it guesses a clock reference time savings.

  • Client: This project was realized within the agency Pixel Cookers
  • Date: juin, 2013
  • Services: Print Design, Web Design, Branding
  • URL: