During the summer 2010, I realized a road trip to Brazil for 1 month. I’ve travel to Salvador, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and inside the country at Chapada Diamentina and Lencoi. An incredible journey that you never wants to leave!

My Trip

In Salvador, I ate a coconut in the street, I drank caipirinias and sugar cane cake, I slept in a Brazilian home and on a hammock, I bought  Havainas.
Then we rented a car to travel around the country, I went for a walk in the jungle and saw an orange lake, I ate sweet potatoes at lunch and papaya at breakfast. I said Obrigado for thanks you and Ta bom for all is well.

On the road I saw beautiful landscapes and amazing sunset. I slept in hostels called Pusadas. I have attached a Brazilian wrist strap and I made a wish (I still have it).

In Sao Paulo, I ate tuna pastels and slept on brazilian home, I’ve visit museums and am made ​ a Brazilian Smoothing.

In Rio de Janeiro, I met full of Cariocas, I get on the Corcovado and I saw a beautiful show. I went to CopaCabana beach and I eat cheese skewers on the sand, I’ve  walk in the city and I bought a Brazilian swimsuit and pareo.

The brazil is an amazing country where people are kindness with a heart on hand. They are always smiling and surrounded by music in a good mood!

  • Date: août, 2010
  • Services: Watercolor Drawing