Base de Loisirs Cergy-Pontoise

The new Graphic Design from the leisure of Cergy-Pontoise

The Project

As a reminder, the Cergy Leisure Center reference is:

– 1 000 000 visitors a year.

– The Val d’Oise most visited public place.

– One the most important sports equipment in France in terms of number of visitors and reputation.

1 / Enhancing the image and increase awareness of the leisure to its various users.
2 / Standardize communication 360. Focus on the cross of the message across all media.
3 / Communicating with a single voice and easily control all the parameters of its image.
4 / facilitate and accelerate the production of new graphics.

Graphic gait uses the concept of book vacation : Nature, water, sun dynamic, natural, warm, modern

  • Client: This project was realized within the agency Pixel Cookers
  • Date: juillet, 2013
  • Services: Print Design, Web Design, Branding
  • URL:

What I appreciated the most about Hanna's achievements on the graphic style guidelines and the internet website of the Cergy-Pontoise Leisure Center is: - Her listening skills associated with a good understanding of the issues and stakes. - Her ability to work methodically and with creativity (it is not easy to find a person who possesses both these qualities). - And, of course, the final result appreciated by the director, the elected representatives and I. Thanks to the work she did, the website traffic increased by 80% from the first year.

Romain Berland, Cergy Leisure Center Desk Officer, Promotion department