Hi my name’s Hanna Salhab

Nowadays, there are so many labels to explain a designer role that I don’t even know which one could be mine: UX, UI, Interaction, Product, Visual, Mobile & Web Designer and Art Director are some of them. The bottom line is : I am a designer who loves to connect men and machines through interactive interfaces, no matter what platform or device you might think of : Websites, apps, games, typography, digital comic, etc… This is what I do for love. 

I’m passionated by graphic design since my 15 years old (that puts 13 years under my belt!). I love people and I like helping and exchanging experience / knowledge with other members of the team. My design style is clean and professional, responsively for the web, but never boring. I love to draw and design ambitious and outstanding things, and that’s it! Keen to learn more?

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It’s just here, take a look >>>> Hanna Salhab Resume

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I have worked with a lot of awesome clients from all around the globe.

Random Facts

4Average number of cups of coffee I drink per day
2Number of incredible powers I have
114Documentation pages I wrote for my clients this year
1Number of artistic movement that I created


I had the wonderful luck to be Hanna’s boss for 3 years. Hanna is the much talented graphic designer I worked with, she’s plesant at work and of a great loyalty. Clients love Hanna for her sensible work, her smile and her kindness.

Benjamin Viaud, Pixel Cookers Co-founder